Are you ready to live life to the fullest, but need a one-on-one coach? Smart Lifestyles helps people like you each and every day.

Spending too much time at your doctor’s office? Are you frustrated that your prescription drug list is growing?

Sam is a forty-two year old dad who had sought our services because he was classified as being  overweight and diagnosed with borderline diabetes. His work stress had caused anxiety requiring  prescription medications to control it. Sam worked closely with SmartLifestylesMD to acquire skills to help him adopt healthier lifestyles and reverse his borderline diabetes, anxiety and successfully lost weight to a healthier body mass index. Like Sam, many people suffer from chronic illnesses related to their lifestyles.

It isn’t easy making a lifestyle change, especially when there is more than one area in your life you want to improve.

At SmartLifestylesMD, we work with many clients just like you to guide them to make positive lifestyle changes that help them live life fully. Together, we go through my step-by-step wellness program to help you achieve your ideal health goals. My focus is on using evidence-based therapeutic approaches to prevent and reverse chronic diseases through:

  • Nurturing self-compassion
  • Improving nutrition
  • Teaching stress management
  • Promoting physical activity



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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

- Lao Tzu

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Shirly Ramchandani, MD, CHWC

After a twenty-year career as a primary care physician with a board certification in Obesity Medicine, I decided to change my focus and become a certified Health and Wellness Coach.

I am passionate about preventative and proactive approaches to health, and believe that the right diet and physical lifestyle are often the key to maintaining one’s health.

I have successfully helped many clients adopt and maintain healthier lifestyles that incorporate exercise, nutrition, and living life mindfully. On our journey together, we will develop a sustainable program that will allow you to make lasting positive changes in your life.