Health & Wellness Coaching Services

Your body is like an engine that needs the right fuel to experience the best performance.

Through the course of my step-by-step wellness program, you’ll learn about healthy foods to eat and how they impact your body’s physiology to boost energy and fullness in between meals. While you don’t have to completely give up certain foods, I’ll show you how dessert and other treats can still have their place in a balanced diet. If you have dietary or cultural restrictions, I will incorporate this into your nutritional planning.

An Exercise Program That Meets Your Needs

When you first start working with Smart Lifestyles, you may have some physical limitations depending upon your health. I’ll show you what kind of physical activity works best for you and your present needs that is safe and effective. As you begin reaching your health goals, your exercise regimen will likely change. I believe that one should enjoy exercise and recreational physical activity to ensure it becomes a regular part of the rest of their life. I’ll work with you to create physical fitness plans that are engaging and effective.

Motivation and Guidance

You’ll receive one-on-one coaching via online and in-person sessions and the motivation you need to get you past any barriers and help you maximize your lifestyle changes. You’ll learn how to change your mindset to reach your goals and have a positive effect on every area of your life.

Online Tools

You’ll receive online access to my secure video teleconference system which allows you to send me updates, integrate data from wearable fitness trackers, share files, and more. Contact

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How It Works

I offer online consultations through a secure video teleconference system. Remote consultations allow me to help clients save travel time.

What you can expect from the sessions: The first session is an introductory hour long visit where we will review your personal history and outline your health and wellness goals. The subsequent half-hour weekly follow up sessions take an integrative approach to improving health and wellness through:

  • High-quality counseling and lifestyle skill building
  • Create positive shifts in mindset and help you move forward with small steps
  • Develop increased confidence, self-compassion and self-awareness

The online platform will allow you to set up a private password protected access point of communication to interact using the secure video teleconferencing sessions. Benefits of using the platform include:

  • Ability to interact with me via with text chat
  • Privately share files and documents
  • Automatic synchronization of data from wearable devices (such as Fitbit, iHealth Labs, etc) to monitor and track data
  • Make easy invoice payments via

Click here to schedule your free 15-minute consultation.